“Every functional component incorporated on our vehicle platform, regardless of class, will have been examined thoroughly to determine adequate efficiency in relation to current industry standard.” – Damon Kuhn (CTO of Zero Electric Vehicles Inc.)

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Solving Today’s barriers to EV adoption

ZEV has finally confronted the current electric vehicle barriers to capture ICE conversion with current automotive customers. The clear front runner is range. ZEV’s modular, and more importantly efficient, platform enables longer range without introducing new overhead costs per vehicle. These efficiencies are optimized in each ZEV chassis’ to the customer required range. The second barrier relates to overall charge times (kW charging relating to periodic degradation). ZEV’s engineering and software teams have developed intellectual property to strike the perfect thermal balance during high charge cycles using current production battery technologies.

Car Front Angle View

Delivering the software defined EV platform

Every piece of user generated power consumption has a direct impact to overall platform performance, the ZEV team has been determined to conduct the appropriate system improvements to produce the most efficient solutions. Parasitic losses have been a priority in terms of generating solutions. Through years of testing, ZEV has developed intellectual property translating to a new customer experience.

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