Democratizing Vehicle Distribution using cloud service. We are defining a distributed manufacturing model that accelerates regional readiness and untapped markets.

“We believe in collaboration not competition”

the variable model

Smaller Footprint For Platform Manufacturing

ZEV’s variable model enables a wider scale of manufacturing. For example, a community with intent of producing a specific vehicle platform lacking traditional labor force would be constrained to a smaller manufacturing plant, resulting in low but specific volume production for their preferred market. Benefits from such facilities are lower labor costs, more efficient and manageable manufacturing lines, higher levels of QC, and offer sub-assembly lines for modular blueprint availability. Variable facilities, not owned by ZEV, have the ability to therefore license such manufacturing grid models and generate operational facilities that support local community economies.

Smaller Capex Per Platform

Every vehicle produced through the distributed model has an overall smaller capex per platform produced due to the orientation of the grid point manufacturing model. With ZEV’s unique partner ecosystem, the ability to generate the platform and utilize pre-existing infrastructure for capitalizing the form-to-fit model is achievable at a much smaller cost per unit ordered with less in-house inventory.

Regional Production Supported Local Service

Legacy models prevent rapid service and support primarily due to logistical issues. The distributed model allows regional manufacturing to facilitate quicker customer support.

Inclusive License Agreements

ZEV ‘s flexible business model enables licensing of the chassis and powertrain systems to B2B and B2C OEMs. ZEV’s Distributed Franchise Manufacturing Model will help the company accelerate production capacity globally while significantly reducing large capital expenditures on production and fixed costs amortized across vehicle products. This approach will enable ZEV to reduce build costs and aggressively compete in the ICE market while delivering localized services to customers and vehicle owners globally.

ZEV Partner Ecosystem

ZEV has partnered with several tier-one powertrain and drive unit manufacturers to drive competition and reduce unit costs. ZEV’s high voltage power system minimizes thermal loss, while maximizing motor and drive ratio efficiencies for both city and highway speeds. The Trident SUV’s configurable battery system will offer the widest mileage range of any vehicle manufacturer. ZEV’s extensible battery system will allow customers to extend range without buying a new vehicle, plug n’ play modules are installed during service call.